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    the merchandising reference

    Merchanfeeling is an international company specialising in merchandising.

    The idea of Merchanfeeling® was born in 2004 nourished by the will to respond to all aspects of merchandising.

    It combines a studio of architecture, design and consultancy, with a merchandiser’s mindset as well as a comprehensive website.

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  • Studio

    studio merchanfeeling

    a "think tank" for concepts and consulting

    The Studio Merchanfeeling is a think tank for creating new concepts and providing consulting.

    Established in 2005 as a unified cell of creation, the studio produces some unique services.

    Inside the Studio, each team specialises in distinct practises: visual identity, design, commercial architecture and merchandising.

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  • Actufeeling
    • actufeeling home


    the merchandising magazine

    Our monthly magazine is a who's who of the merchandising world and the place to discover merchandising news from around the world.

    opening soon

  • Labofeeling
    • labofeeling home


    a laboratory of trends and inspirations

    Read our interactive blog; a window displaying original trends and exposing exciting ideas from around the world.

    The place to keep ahead of what is happening on the street, inside the stores and from the decision makers at board level.

    opening soon

  • Training

    merchanfeeling training

    specialised merchandising training

    Develop your merchandising instincts, learn new techniques and perfect your merchandising skills by Merchanfeeling trainings.

    Created in 2005, our courses are conceived to allow participants to use a complete range of merchandising techniques and up-to-date tools.

    All courses are carried out by merchandisers, that have been trained from the Studio Merchanfeeling and are available in English and French.

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  • Recruitment

    merchanfeeling recruitment

    the merchandising recruitment universe

    The ultimate place for merchandising service professionals and companies to post quality opportunities.

    Search our database for interns, seasoned professionals and highflying executives.

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  • Directory
    • directory home

    merchanfeeling directory

    the merchandising marketplace

    A professional directory of products and services to meet your business needs and increase the point of sale.

    The directory will contain a wide array of products and service suppliers, all searchable by multiple subcategories.

    opening soon

  • Events&Partners
    events partners


    the international merchandising network

    Your first port of call for up-to date information on merchandising events, fairs, expositions and conferences taking place around the world.

    As a user, we are looking for the most valuables companies to provide you with the best services.

    As a company, create a profile that targets the professional merchandising network.

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  • Club

    club merchanfeeling

    The premier merchandisers' club

    The Club promotes networking amongst professionals in the industry.

    Founded in 2006 it came from the demand to share and debate the major issues of the profession.

    Ten events are held each year, bringing in together keynote speakers sharing their experiences on various themes with selected participants and stakeholders.

    Join the Club Merchanfeeling
  • Boutique
    • boutique home

    boutique merchanfeeling

    an exceptional selection of products

    A treasure trove of indispensable products and essential tools such as: Musikfeeling, fragrances for shops, merchandising tools and Bibliofeel for books and research.

    opening soon

Merchanfeeling Recruitment

Is the ultimate place for Merchandising service professionals and Retail companies
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