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Training values

Providing specialised training and courses to equip participants with the necessary tools and techniques to merchandise within their specific brand identity.

Why develop in merchandising?

Merchandising is a set of aesthetic techniques for businesses, allowing brands to materialise their image at the point of sale and increase turnover.

If you are looking to develop your merchandising instincts, learn new techniques and perfect your merchandising skills, then take a training courses with Merchanfeeling® - The merchandising specialist - we provide exclusive trainings and courses in this sector.

Why train with Merchanfeeling?

All courses are carried out by merchandisers trained from the Studio Merchanfeeling and combine field experience with in-company training.

All our trainers are continuously searching for merchandising trends around the world, to enrich the trainings and how best to share these discoveries.

Merchanfeeling trainings and courses are available in English and French.

Can I receive support?

We have a number of certified trainers and approved organisations in France - all of our courses are eligible for the DIF and supported by equal representation collectors (such as: Agefos, Fongecif, etc.).

The benefits of our training

  • A personal advisor helps you define your projects and supports you
  • Our trainers are all merchandising instructors that have been trained from the Studio Merchanfeeling
  • We have 4 types of trainings to choose from according to your profile and your business needs
  • Gain a Merchanfeeling Certificate of Training, which is a recognised mark of quality in a large number of luxury, fashion, beauty, home and services industries

All courses are carried out by Merchandisers, trained from the Studio Merchanfeeling and available in English and French.


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