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The multi-brand workshops are a complete in store merchandising training, with a theoretical and a practical part, taking place directly in your business and perfectly adapted to your business needs.

What is a multi-brand workshop?

To cope with increasingly intense competition and to differentiate your store from competitors, multi brand workshops provides solutions to improves the point of sale in terms of your aesthetics and trade efficiency.


What is our methodology?

Dynamic and efficient, our method relies on:



  • One on one interaction with the trader to understand the nature of their business needs.
  • Merchandising diagnosis for structuring lines of retail.
  • Visual analyses of the point of sale to illustrate key strengths / weaknesses.
  • A pragmatic report and operational guide for the trader and how to steps for the implementation of an action plan.

Who participates in mutli brand workshops ?

The multi Workshop is open to any type of independent business seeking merchandising support on how to:


  • Create a clean aesthetic for the business environment.
  • Implement merchandising strategies to increase sales.
  • Improve customer loyalty.

The benefits of a multi brand workshop


  • Point of sale intervention with the trader, with a custom-made merchandising strategy for achieving immediate results.
  • A detailed report of the workshop.