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Join our expert trainers for one or more of our Safarifeeling day courses to discover new concept shops, trends and typical styles on display in Paris or London.

What is Safarifeeling®?

Safarifeeling® is an educational and practical on site learning method which in France is eligible for the individual right to training (DIF).

The principle? For a day, a Merchanfeeling® trainer guides you on a day of discovery while you visit the new concept shops, learn the new trends and see the typical styles on show in Paris or London.

The goal? To develop your merchandising eye and learn to decipher all the merchandising techniques currently used.

Learn as you go along and take the opportunity to gain competitive intelligence at one of our 7 unique Safarifeeling®’s.

What is our methodology?

Dynamic and efficient, our method relies on:


  • Remaining constantly ahead of the most innovative concepts and the latest merchandising innovations from around the world.
  • A diverse selection of stores are prepared in advance by our expert merchandisers’ who constantly update the itineraries to ensure the routes are suitable.
  • Merchandising analysis of the shops by the Merchanfeeling trainer for a professional decryption.
  • Interactive training between the trainer and participants to ensure a good understanding of the merchandising techniques used.
  • Maximum groups of 5 people ensures a smooth journey and facilitates trade.

Who participates in Safarifeeling®?

Safarifeeling® is intended for all employees who wish to develop their merchandising skills within the fields of luxury, fashion, beauty, home goods and services.

As this is a business training for multiple brands, you will also meet with fellow professionals from different companies.

The « + » of Safarifeeling®

  • Improve your merchandising instincts at the point of sale.
  • Decipher and understand the merchandising techniques used for differing stores.