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Bespoke Courses

Tailored training in various topics on therotical merchandising, practical in-store sessions or personalised Safarifeelings. Allow Merchanfeeling to create a training package for your needs.

What is bespoke training ?

We can provide Merchandising training tailored made to your needs, this can include theoretical training on various topics, practical sessions or Safarifeeling ® visits to shopping capitals around the world.


Being a personal service created for your specific needs, the training can take place indoors, on the ground, we can provide E-learning content or simply be a combination of the three.


What is our methodology ?

Dynamic and efficient, our method relies on: 


  • An exchange of practical merchandising techniques and brand essentials 
  • Expertise to help build training content for your brand.
  • A precise selection of photos of the outlets helping participants understand their strategies.
  • To further help you define as part of your strategy and your merchandising rules, Studio Merchanfeeling experts are at your disposal. Visit our Studio universe for more information.

What are the objectives of Bespoke courses ?

  • Receive support and have unique training totally adapted to your needs.
  • Confirming the merchandising strategy of the brand.
  • Strengthen the brand identity in all areas of merchandising.
  • Unite teams around the same merchandising approach.


The « + » of Bespoke training

  • A training book tailored to the participants requirements
  • The golden rules specific to your brand.