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Inside the Studio

Each team specialises in distinct practises

  • merchandising
  • visual identity
  • design
  • commercial architecture
  • digital


The Studio Merchanfeeling utilises a specific methodology to give each project its influence and value:


  • A project management system combining a merchandising viewpoint, whereby each project is managed by merchandisers.
  • An intimate knowledge and analysis of the sales space.
  • A vision and approach that places the product and the client at the center of the process.
  • Esthetics, emotions and profitability are all given equal attention.
  • Complete brand awareness and accompaniment are present through all stages: brand activation, architectural conception of the point of sale, interior design and furnishings, product scenery, product implementations and in-store animations.

The Studio Merchanfeeling gets inspiration from a brand’s identity and represents this identity aesthetically throughout the store.

The goal of this is to further reach and gain loyalty from the store’s target market.

References and projects conducted throughout the world


National and international experience in over 40 countries and regions (Europe, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, the Middle East, South America, Oceania).
The Studio Merchanfeeling adapts strategically to each culture and understands the vision of its clients.

Merchanfeeling® has built an impressive portfolio of prestigious clients and renowned brands. These relationships were created on professionalism and confidence and have developed into strong loyalties over many years.

Merchanfeeling® is capable of executing all kinds of projects. We showcase the individual ideas and unique identities of brands for flagship, concept and boutique stores, while also developing networks of boutiques in France and internationally.

To efficiently conduct business of great scope internationally, Merchanfeeling® has developed a network of relay teams. These teams guarantee that the projects respect the quality and high standards in which Merchanfeeling® holds in every country we do business with.