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Window creation

Majestic Filatures

The Client

Since 1989, Majestic Filatures has created t-shirts using luxurious quality fabrics. The Parisian house has a real studio, which allows them to be a pioneer in the search for new materials. The brand was the first to mix linen, cashmere, silk and cotton quality in the development of its collections. The combination of luxury, softness and creativity helped Majestic Filatures to create a different house in the world of French fashion. Manufacturing exclusively in Europe, it is the precision of detail and richness of its basic materials that acquire their nobility. Timeless and elegant naturally, they have become essential parts of the female wardrobe.

Challenges and constraints

Parisian shops in neighborhoods like Paris Marais or the 16th arrondissement also have radically different configurations of windows. Ultra small, very high or cut by a pole in the center, it is necessary to adapt the artistic creation of all these configurations. Transparency and lightness - that is what the brand wants to attract customers with and bring them into the shops to discover the collection.

Studio Merchanfeeling’s answer

Please compare each window is treated within its constraints and its specific configuration. For transparency, only a part of the display is fitted with decor from top to bottom. Strong and visible from afar, golden leaves are placed on a metal structure. For lightness, shape and placement of leaves swirl to create a delicate and subtle creation on the sides. A simple stockman mannequin is topped in a collection of transparent sheets, while golden leaves on the bust gives the festive tone of the window.

The results

Each window is unique while keeping the same identity. The tone is set: elegant and chic!