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Strategy & Chart


The Client

Mulberry is an English ready-to-wear brand, founded in 1971 and is known on the international fashion scene for its leather accessories – and especially the handbags.

Challenges and constraints

The brand needed to instill a merchandising culture with teams at the headquarters as well as in the field. The brand also needed to reshape its visual merchandising to be line with its new strategy of luxury positioning.

Studio Merchanfeeling’s answer

After several training sessions on merchandising techniques and luxury codes animated by the Merchanfeeling team, the Studio has since worked on Mulberry’s merchandising strategy. They have completed several tests in the showroom to better define the visual identity of the brand. Following these considerations, in collaboration with the headquarters’ team, the Studio has written (in English) the charter-merchandising plan to be used in all outlets of the British brand.

The results

After a year of work, Mulberry’s new merchandising strategy, as supported by the merchandising chart, is ready to be integrated through all outlets.