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Mission, Vision and Values

Merchanfeeling is a international company specialised in merchandising, combining a studio of architecture, design and consultancy with a merchandisers mindset, plus a website - the essential reference point for the industry.

Our Mission


To serve and shape the agenda of the world’s leading brands and retail institutions working in:


  • Luxury
  • Fashion
    clothing and accessories
  • Beauty
  • Home goods
    and furnishing
  • Service
    and entertainment spaces


Merchanfeeling connects creativity and brand vision with a merchandisers mindset to increase the point of sale.

Our Mission statement:


To be the authoritative reference site and premiere solution provider for all merchandising professional needs.

Our Vision:


Merchanfeeling’s vision is to create an affective link between the brand and the client through the point of sale.

Our Values:


  • Ethical: We are ethical in all our business dealings and transparent in our approach.
  • Simplicity: We believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and the greatest ideas are always the simplest.
  • Creativity: We love connecting things and our creativity while transforming space is contagious.  Connecting the brand and the client through the point of sale is just obvious to us.
  • Innovative: Innovation is the cornerstone of Merchanfeelings’ success. Original, inventive and resourceful, our innovations are realised through the customer feeling more valued and measured by our client’s successes.
  • Professionalism: We believe in pushing beyond our personal best within every project and maintaining an expert and specialised knowledge in our field.

Our Credo:


  • We believe in serving our clients with the highest professional standards while aiming to deliver the best service quality.
  • We offer solutions through a collaborative approach that highlights the best creative efforts.
  • We deliver projects on time and within the budget
  • We provide the thought leadership of merchandising knowledge, latest advances and innovations to enhance the customer experience.
  • We enhance the customer experience by utilizing eco-friendly innovation in our concepts .
  • We believe in fairness and value creation with the people and companies we work with.
  • We believe in a collaborative approach so we leverage the creativity from the whole team.