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Merchanfeeling® and
two sides of the same ambition

In the beginning there were 9 universes… and a Website!


The idea of Merchanfeeling® was born in 2004, nourished by the will to respond to all aspects of merchandising.

From the inception of studio Merchanfeeling® in 2005, founder Béatrice Querette was convinced that the ‘store’ would go through physical boundaries into new frontiers.

As a visionary, she felt physical and virtual commerce were destined to live in unison in a dynamic trans channel. In addition, she was convinced of the significance to create a comprehensive web site dedicated to merchandising to meet the challenges of our time.

Fouad Kazim would soon join her in this adventure and together they would pursue the same objective: to create - the leading reference site of the profession.

Now, online and offline activities are completely joined together to offer a global solution in an ever-expanding profession.

Merchanfeeling®, the global solution to merchandising needs of the 21st century.


Merchanfeeling is capable of responding to all sorts of commands.

It elaborates the conception and the realisation of unique projects for flagship stores and also the development of networks of boutiques in France as well as Internationally.

Where we have worked


Merchanfeeling is an International company with experience in over 50 countries worldwide.

To efficiently and serenely conduct higher caliber interventions of great scope, Merchanfeeling has developed a network of relay teams across the globe.

These teams guarantee that the projects respect the quality criteria regardless of country in which they are realised.

Our clients


Merchanfeeling has built a portfolio of clients representing renowned brands. These relationships were created on satisfaction, confidence and has developed into a strong fidelity over many years.

Among the many clients of Merchanfeeling are International and National Brands: 

The Merchanfeeling brand


The Merchanfeeling name reflects the changes in the retail environment. We believe that customers are now looking for lifestyle spaces dedicated to their pleasure and wellbeing.

Customers now purchase more than a product, they also purchase an emotion.

Merchanfeeling® creates a link between the brand and the client via the point of sale. Its guiding principle is to make the connection between the senses stimulated and the emotions generated.

Merchanfeeling®, more than a name, a Concept...